Discover Your Exact Location in the Netherlands with Zip Code 1

Discover Your Exact Location in the Netherlands with Zip Code

Zip Code Importance in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is renowned for its picturesque towns and cities lined with stunning canals, fashionable cycle lanes and enticing cafes. A simple way to get around the country while enjoying its beauty is to know your precise location. This is where postal codes, or zip codes, come in handy. Zip codes in the Netherlands make it easier for anyone to locate a site within the cities and towns with precision. Without zip codes, it can be challenging to find locations in unfamiliar places!

What is a Dutch Zip Code?

In the Netherlands, the Dutch use zip codes, referred to as ‘postcode’. The Netherlands Postal Service (PostNL) has created a six-digit zip code system to identify exact locations. Being able to find neighborhoods, streets, and roadways throughout the country with the use of a set of six digits is easy when you can put the zip code to work.

The Six-Digit Dutch Zip Code System

The Dutch zip code system operates on a six-digit format; the first two digits represent the region or province. The last four digits signify the town, village, neighborhood, street or building. Anyone can use the first two digits to identify the province where a location is and the other four digits to identify the exact address. Most frequently, a postal code will be written with a space between the two groups of three digits.

Examples of Dutch Zip Codes

  • Amsterdam Centrum – 1011 AB
  • Rotterdam Airport – 3045 AP
  • Utrecht City Centre – 3511 PZ
  • Amersfoort Central Station – 3811 MH
  • Each location in the Netherlands will have its unique postcode, and with just a bit of practice, you will soon become familiar with the format as well as the codes and be able to navigate your way around effortlessly.

    Making Use of the Dutch Zip Code System

    The easiest method to find your zip code is by searching for it in a Dutch postal code directory. Several websites offer postal code directories that are regularly updated. With, for instance, enter a Dutch address and postcode, and the site provides the precise details, including the postal code and address. Moreover, navigation systems such as Google Maps require a zip code to obtain precise directions.

    Discover Your Exact Location in the Netherlands with Zip Code 2

    Postal Codes for Businesses

    Using Dutch postal codes is not limited to identifying your location, but the system also serves businesses. Sending and delivering letters and goods to clients requires the correct postal address, including the exact zip code. As mentioned earlier, Mail delivery service provider, PostNL, offers updated postal code directories, ensuring businesses can verify the accuracy of their addresses. For a complete educational experience, we recommend this external resource filled with additional and relevant information. Investigate this in-depth content, uncover fresh viewpoints on the topic discussed.


    The Dutch Postcode or zip code system is an essential element that simplifies the identification of locations and navigation throughout the Netherlands. It is convenient to know how the system works and the format of the six-digit zip code. With this knowledge, you can effortlessly identify your area, learn about different provinces, and navigate the numerous beautiful cities and towns the Netherlands has to offer.

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